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Build, Shoot and Win!


With Fortnite still as popular as ever we have Fortnite being played onboard all of our mobile gaming vehicles, ensuring your child can show off his or her skills to their friends!


Due to the game being a 2 player online game there are a few terms that apply to the game. 

  1. We will need access to your wifi to play the game. This unfortunately means If the wifi is out of range we won't be able to play the game although we do carry a 50m ethernet cable which does eliminate being reliant on wifi

  2. We can have a maximum of 2 consoles playing the game meaning 4 players at a time playing as any more then this will create major lag. 

  3. Please note all our games are normally set to 4 player games which gives us our maximum of 15 guests, playing Fortnite will reduce the amount of kids able to play by 2 guests per console, therefore maximum amount of kids with Fortnite will be 12 guests although we suggest maximum of 10 for the maximum amount of games and ability for a competition. 

  4. Please note the game may require an update at any point, although we attempt to keep it updated an update may be released before we are able to update it. If this is the case an update may be need at the party. Depending on size and internet speed this can take up to 90 minutes although if you let us know they want Fortnite in the notes section when booking we normally make sure it is updated before the party.

  5. If V-bucks (in game currency which is paid for with money) are used or brought it would be the party organisers responsibility to replace these.  Staff will tell kids not to spend them if they are available and not to purchase any. It may result in the game being turned off to avoid more being spent/brought.

  6. The game is rated 12+ this means the organiser will be responsible for making the decision as to whether or not the children are allowed to play it.

  7. If for what ever reason Fortnite won't work we can not be held accountable nor should the party host rely solely on Fortnite.

TechZone Robot Gilbert the Gamer
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