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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What do I get for my money?

A. A fully hosted party with unlimited use of our gaming equipment for the booked time, with the latest and greatest games being played. The latest songs will be played over our massive sound system. As well as all this you receive our personalised TechZone invites.


Q. How much is a party?

A. Party prices can be found under our prices page.


Q. How long does a Ultimate Gaming Truck Party last?

A.  Tech Zone's Parties are 90 minutes but if you do want a longer time do not hesitate to phone and ask and we will do a custom price for you.


Q. How much space will you need to park?

A. The truck is 8.5m long and 2.3m wide. The trailer is 7m long and 2.1m wide. Truck 2 is 8.5 long and 2m wide. All vehicles have enough gaming equipment for 15 to play at one time. Please check our gallery for measurements in a picture form.


Q. How many people can play in your gaming wagon and are there any age restrictions?

A. We have enough gaming equipment for 15 to play at one time, we do unfortunately say 7+ as any younger then this they may struggle with playing the games and reaching the pedals on the racing seats.


Q. Do adults have to be present at the children's party?

A.  No, you are free to go off and do what you want whether it be talk with your friends with a glass of wine in your hand or watch TV with a nice cup of tea.


Q. What do you need from us?

A. Somewhere to park, power (if no power is available we do have a generator, brought along on requested) and a bunch of keen, excitable kids.


Q. Will the power you consume make my energy bills very high?

A. No, everything within our vehicles is LED and LCD which have very low consumption. Therefore we draw less than a vacuum does when everything is powered.


Q. Will the weather affect my party?

A. The vehicles are fully water-proof so we are not affected by rain. They also have heaters for when it's cold and an air-conditioning unit for very hot days.


Q.  When I send the booking form is my booking guaranteed?

A. No, your booking is only guaranteed once a £100 deposit has been paid.


Q. Are food and party drinks provided?

A. No we do not allow food and drink onboard. 


Q.  How far in advance do I need to book?

A.  As far in advance as possible but always give us a call even if it's only a couple of days before as we may have a slot open up.


Q. What if someone doesn't know how to play a particular game?

A. Our crew will help out and make sure that the children know how to play games. As a family company you're guaranteed to have someone with years of experience in TechZone parties helping your children.


Q. What games do you have onboard?

A. We carry a wide selection of games differing in age ratings from Fifa, Minecraft and Mario games to Halo and Call of Duty and everything in between. We buy all the latest and greatest games as they come out. If there's a game your child particularly would like to play onboard just give us a call to find out if we have it and if not, we will try and get it if we feel it is suitable. If for whatever reason we don't have a game that you want to play but you do, you're more than welcome to bring it onboard the vehicles. Our Crew will make sure that it is handed back at the end of the party (as we know kids can be forgetful).

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