We are super excited to announce that as an Out Of School Setting providing activities for those under 18 we can have up to 10 onboard and are not affected by tier 2 or tier 3 restrictions.


This means you can book with confidence knowing that all the time your children are at school and we are not in a national lockdown they can be gaming together on board our vehicle. 


We provide a Covid safe environment; we do this by wiping all the controllers and high touch areas with hospital grade anti viral wipes, after each party we steam the interior of the vehicle with anti viral disinfectant, we ensure everyone going onboard the vehicle use the hand sanitiser which is available at the door. Our staff wear a 3 layer protective masks while onboard and in some cases a face shield as well. We do ask that children attending are at school together and bubbled together especially in tier 2 or tier 3 areas to ensure there is no Covid transmission from out of their bubble. We also ask that anyone above the age of 11 wears a face mask or covering onboard unless a medical condition doesn't require you to. We also ask that the organising parent fills in a form with all the names of the attendees this is kept on file for 3 week.

We would like to ask the children be able to game as we will be limiting the amount of staff to 1 per party, the staff will not be able sit onboard and help as we usually would. The member of staff will stand outside the door to ensure it is just your guests on board for the majority of time and when entering to change of start games will be wearing a mask.

Now what is an Out Of School Setting (OOSS). OOSS are exempt from the rule of 6 and means that we do the following:


    -    We provide activities to children under the age of 18 without their parents supervision, this means that parents will be asked to not stay on the vehicle for long periods of time other than getting photos of their memorable day.


    -    OOSS provide a tuition or activities outside of school hours (such as evenings, weekends, school holidays)


    -    OOSS can occur in many kinds of venues this one just happens to come to you!


    -    Video Gaming is classed as an OOSS activity


For more information check out the government website. 


Now we understand that you may only want a small group so that they can come in the house for food after to help with this we are running a limited time offer. We will be offering a special rate of £165 (Monday to Sunday) plus travel for up to 6 children onboard. All bookings with this offer must have a maximum of 6 onboard during the whole party, this six must not be rotated off the vehicle for other guests any above this number will incur the standard rates being charged. 

By booking a party you acknowledge that should there be a change in lockdown measures and we can't go ahead we will allow you change the booking by up to 18 months. The deposit will continue to be held by TechZone towards your new party date. If you would like to cancel the booking completely then our standard cancellation policy will be in affect.


We fully understand these are not ideal party conditions but these are unprecedented times and want to adhere to the law and create safe environments for all people involved. While at the same time being able to offer children a distraction from all that is going on. 


These terms may change at any time and for the latest updates follow our facebook page.  

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