As restrictions begin to be eased with Covid-19 we will begin to start hosting parties again. We have taken some precautions to ensure the transmission of the virus is kept low and our staff and guests are kept safe. 

Due the nature of the party 2m social distancing will be difficult onboard so will be at your own risk and we would suggest that face masks are worn at all times by all guests. There will be a limit of 10 guests allowed onboard at one time to limit contact between children. 

We would like to ask the children be able to game as we will be limiting the amount of staff to 1 per party, the staff will not be able sit onboard and help as we usually would. The member of staff will stand outside the door to ensure it is just your guests on board for the majority of time and when entering to change of start games will be wearing a mask.

We ask that customers wash their hands throughly before entering the vehicle and again when exiting. We will have some anti bacterial gel at the door for use. A temperature test may be conducted, should symptoms or a temperature above 37.8 be present you will not be allowed onboard, and the party may be cancelled to further protect our staff. 

We have limited the amount of slots available per day to 2 this is to ensure we have a sufficient amount of time to conduct deep cleaning before each party. We are also not allowing additional packages other than the bronze package while we run this trial period through out July, this is to limit contact between staff and guests and guests with other guests. 


By booking a party you acknowledge that should there be a change in lockdown measures and we can't go ahead we will allow you change the booking by up to 18 months. The deposit will continue to be held by TechZone towards your new party date. 


We fully understand these are not ideal party conditions but these are unprecedented times and want to adhere to the law and create safe environments for all people involved. While at the same time being able to offer children a distraction from all that is going on. 


These terms may change at any time and for the latest updates follow our facebook page.  

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